Social Intelligence refers to the ability to understand and manage Behavioural Style, Resilience and Emotional Intelligence in order to optimise interpersonal relationships. It deals with unconscious biases that we may not yet understand, but that can be learned and controlled. At its heart Social intelligence is the science of productive relationships. Modern neuroscience shows that it can be harnessed and improved.

Most leaders recognise that their organisation's success is built on the capabilities of their people, but often don't understand how to maximise that potential in today's fast-paced world. They invest in functional skills or generic leadership training without ever considering how to develop the full potential of each person. Social Intelligence is the realisation of this true potential in individuals, teams and entire organisations. Organisations that foster Social Intelligence experience higher performance because their teams become more productive, collaborative and resilient.

Through years of research and proven methodology, The Tracom Group based in Denver, has helped millions of people better understand themselves and identify strategies for more productive outcomes and professional success.

The Network of Training (Cape) is the official distributor and implementor of Tracom's Social Intelligence training in Africa. For more than 25 years The Network of Training has been successfully training the staff of blue chip corporations to achieve better understanding and hence performance improvement through the benefits of Interpersonal Effectiveness Training.



In today's economy, organisations are looking for ways to improve productivity - Performance Enhancement. As business becomes increasingly complex, staff and company operations increasingly global, the demands on leaders and staff to perform at an ever increasing level are paramount. Whilst process, IT, together with technical training have long been the established "go to" in order to achieve productivity gains, companies have realised that something more is required. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Behavioural Emotional Intelligence (BEQ) have emerged as resources to improve the performance of individuals and their organisations. As research continues to document, EQ is making a difference. There are objective, measureable benefits associated with EQ including, increased sales, better recruiting and retention, more effective leadership, higher productivity etc.

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