TRACOM's SOCIAL STYLE is recognised as the premier model for understanding interpersonal behaviour. It defines four unique Styles of behaviour: Driving, Expressive, Amiable and Analytical. People of each Style have preferred ways of using their time, making decisions and interacting with others. Each person has their own comfort zone based on their own SOCIAL STYLE. When we interact with others, those preferences can conflict with each other. So even though a person might learn about EQ and practice those skills, others will always perceive this behaviour within the framework of that person’s SOCIAL STYLE.


Producing Results with Others. Managerial/General.

A core two day workshop with pre-course profile assessment for general participants and Managers.

Selling to Achieve Results

A core two day workshop for sales people.

Navigator Web-based resource tool.

On demand tool to help apply SOCIAL STYLE concepts in common workplace siuations.

Relationship Marketing

Two and half day workshop for the third party environment.

Relationship Marketing Broker Plan

Three day workshop for Broker Consultants.

Key Account Management

A three day workshop to implement a strategic process of effectively developing key accounts.


'Emotional Intelligence together with SOCIAL STYLE provide a common language to talk about problems and accomplishments. Both help diagnose day-to-day situations and help us discover how best to deal with differences. We often role play difficult situations where the leader needs to prepare for an upcoming interaction. Our debriefing becomes very powerful when we talk about their experience using BEQ and SOCIAL STYLE language and concepts.'

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